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Beryllium is an effective structural and functional material.

 JSC "Kompozit" for over 40 years has a division specializing in production of beryllium for various areas of technology. The production base has the equipment and technological processes for precise machining, welding, soldering, dimensional chemical processing, heat treatment, precision castings.

 The main directions of application of beryllium products.

 Space technology: instrument platforms, body space mirrors, mountings of various equipment, trusses made of pipes, parts of space navigation systems, heat stabilizers, details of travel drives, etc.

The instrument technique: X-ray windows (in the form of flat disks, rectangles, cylindrical and hemispherical, without flanges, with flanges made of steel, copper), cameras with multiple windows from beryllium, the details of precision instruments, details of shakers, etc.

Equipment for Nuclear Research: blocks of reflectors for research reactors, components for the withdrawal of the particle beams in accelerators.

During the period from 1989 by nowadays JSC “Kompozit” successfully fulfilled more than 35 export contracts for the supply of products from beryllium materials by orders of the biggest companies of China (bodies of mirrors, mountings for tools and devices), Israel (mountings for tools and devices), France (the elements of research facilities), Germany (units for research reactor), Switzerland (lengthy pipes for LHCb experiment at CERN), USA (X-ray windows).

We can offer various forms of cooperation, including:

-Production and delivery of products according to customer"s drawings,

-Labor-intensive pre-processing operations at Russian enterprises, and finishing by the customer or its partners,

-Joint development of new areas of beryllium materials,

-Joint ventures.

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