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Pipes from AI-B composite


  • Trusses of spacecraft outboard parts,
  • Interblock spacecraft trusses,
  • Frames of solar arrays,
  • Strengthening members of body and tanks structures.

Due to usage of pipes from AI-B composite, the rigidity of trusses is increased by 1.5-2 times and their weight is reduced as compared with structures from aluminum or titanium alloys.

Purpose: Manufacture of heavy loaded lightweight constructions.

Pipe materials:


2650 kg/m³

Modulus of elasticity

220-240 GPa

Tensile strength

1000 MPa

Compression strength

1400 MPa

Pipe sizes:


30-80 mm


200-1500 mm

Wall thickness

1,5-5,0 mm


Powder materials based on zirconium dioxide


CaO-stabilized ceramic powders ZrO2, (with not more than 0.3% of Fe2O3). Cermet mechanical powder mixtures based on stabilized ZrO2, and containing (20-50) volume percent of NiCr. Fluidity of powder materials is not more than 67 seconds.


Source materials for plasma sputtering of erosion-resistant thermal protective coatings (ERTPC).


Thermal erosive protection of heat-stressed elements of cooled combustion chambers of liquid propellant sustainer.

Technical characteristics of ERTPC:

  • open porosity no more than 15 %,
  • apparent density 4.3-5.0 g/cm3,
  • tear-off strength not less than 4 MPa on steels and nickel alloys,
  • thermal durability not less than 8 thermo cycles on copper alloys and not less than 10 thermo cycles on steels and nickel alloys;
  • working temperature not less than 1700 ˚К.


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