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Waterproof vibration-and-impact resistant structural adhesive TsMK-73 (TU2252-329-070500935-2001)


Bonding metal (from steel, aluminum and titanium alloys) details and nonmetallic constructional materials: glass fiber plastics, carbon fiber-reinforced plastics, ceramics in assemblies that should be efficient at high vibrational and impact loads, including the conditions of high humidity.


Mechanical engineering, transport, building, aircraft engineering, repair works on pipelines, tanks, objects of housing and utilities sector.

Technical and performance characteristics:

Shear strength of steel-to-steel adhesive bonding (sandblasted), MPa

not less than 18.0

Shear strength of adhesive bonding from aluminum alloys (sandblasted), MPa

not less than 22.0

Stress at break, MPa at 15-35 °С

not less than 25.0

Tensile elongation, %


The adhesive can service at any humidity. Strength of adhesive bonding from stainless steel maintains after storage in water for 15 months.

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