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Conductive adhesives

Constructive conductive adhesive (KTK):

Operating temperature = -60 - +150 °С

ρv ≤ 1∙10-6 Ohm×m,

Adhesion strength ≥ 10.0 MPa

Purpose:To provide reliable electrical contacts of temperature-sensitive elements instead of welding or soldering them, in designs of complex shape when assembling circuits of radio-electronics.

Flexible conductive adhesive (ETK) of cold curing:

<p >Operating temperature = -196 - +150 оС,

ρv ≤ 1∙10-6 Ohm×m,

Adhesion strength ≥ 4-5 MPa

Purpose: Making connect with minimum internal stresses and ensuring electrical contacts of fragile elements: polycor, silicon crystals, silver.

Conductive adhesive TPK-E (TU2252-314-07500935-2000)

Purpose:Bonding together and in various combinations АМg6 type aluminum alloys, stainless steel, carbon fiber-reinforced plastics; bonding glass fiber plastics, carbon fiber-reinforced plastics with provision of electrical contacts.


The adhesive provides the electrical connection with transitive resistance that ensures removal providing of static charges.

Technical and performance characteristics:

Shear strength, MPa


at 20 °С

not less than 3.0

Volume resistivity


at 20 °С

not more than 1×10ˉ3 Ohm×m

Operating temperature range

from -196 to +200 °С

(not less than 40 min.)

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