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Nonflammable plastic «Mineplen»

Technical characteristics:

Density- 1.8-2.0 g/cm3;

Bending strength - 120-140 MPa.

Thermal conductivity – 0.58-0.62 W/m∙К;

It is non-flammable according to GOST 12.1.044-89, and non-toxic at temperatures up to 1200°С.

Shape and sizes of work pieces:

Sheets - any shape and size

Thickness - from 1 mm

Panels of complex shape form according to drawings of customers

Weight of 1m2 sheet with thickness 3 mm - 6 kg.


Fireproof screens, partitions and facing of premises, lobbies and cabins of planes, ships and carriages, protective covers of thermocouples in melting industry.


Application of nonflammable plastic MINEPLEN ensures fire safety and absence of gas evolution at temperatures up to 1200 ˚С. Available either as a finished product according to drawings of customers, or as a half-finished product (slab, hub, pipe).

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