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Beryllium assemblies of vibration test equipment

We manufacture according to customer’s drawings tables of vibration testing machines, calibrators of vibration testing machines. Usage of beryllium for tables of electrodynamic vibration machines is caused by optimal combination of characteristics especially important for such products: high modulus of elasticity and low density.

Application of beryllium tables of vibration machines allows:

  1. To increase the resonance frequencies by twice as compared with magnesium;
  2. To reduce acceleration and frequency reading spread over the table by 50 - 100 times.

Delivery terms:

  1. Assemblies are supplied in heat-treated condition.
  2. Surfaces of assemblies are protected by ecologically clean passivating coating.

Physical and mechanical properties:

Modulus of elasticity 290 GPa
Density 1850  kg/m3
Sound propagation velocity 12,6 × 103 m/sec

Range of products and dimentional tolerances:

Designation Table diameter, mm Height, max, mm Weight, max, kg Resonance frequency, kHz Acceleration spread, %
932.13.-BV-214 214 250 30 14 10-20
932.13.-BV-310 310 7
932.13.-BV-390 390 5

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