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Precise beryllium driving units

They represent gears, turntables, housing parts and assemblies, mounting brackets of assemblies, covers in the form of rotation bodies.

Beryllium has a number of properties that meet to rigid requirements of high-precision servo systems and driving units (high modulus of elasticity, low density, high specific strength and dimensional stability).

Thanks to high modulus of elasticity in combination with low density, beryllium has an excellent specific rigidity: Е/ ρ= 163,5 MPa×m3 /kg, that by 6.6 times greater than aluminum and titanium, and by 6.1 times greater, than steel.

This gives the following advantages:

  • Increase by 1.5-2 times the positioning accuracy;
  • Reduction by 30-40 % the inertial loads;
  • Shortening of idle time after the end of movement.
Delivery terms:
  1. Assemblies and details are supplied in heat-treated condition.
  2. Non-working surfaces of assemblies and details are protected by chemical passivating coating.
Weight and dimensions of assemblies and details:
Weight up to 30 kg
Diameter up to 600 mm

Note: We can manufacture units according to the customer’s drawings and construction documentation.

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