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Beryllium for space optics

Purpose: Improvement of parameters of space optical telescopes.


  • telescope mirrors,
  • telescope housings,
  • mirror-to-housing attachment assemblies.

Application of beryllium and its alloys having the highest, among metals, specific modulus of elasticity and heat capacity ensures dimensional stability of telescope elements for long-term service in space and decrease in weight of assemblies by 50-150 %.

Material characteristics:

  Beryllium Casting alloy
  (for mirrors) (for housings)
Density, kg/m³ 1850 2100
Modulus of elasticity, GPa 290 210
Specific heat capacity, J/kg×К 1840 1450

Dimensions of parts:

Mirrors – diameter up to 550 mm, height up to 150 mm

Housing parts - up to 400×450×450 mm

Weight - up to 20 kg.

The parts are manufactured according the customer’s specification.

Note: We can manufacture mirrors according to the customer’s drawings and construction documentation.

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