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Beryllium heat exchangers and heat stabilisers

Beryllium heat exchangers and passive heat stabilisers are the details of various configuration that meet the geometry of particular devices, tubular, flat, multilayered, including with internal cavities, massive blocks.

Beryllium is a unique combination of heat capacity and heat conductivity. Specific heat capacity of beryllium is twice as high as that for aluminum and thrice as high as that for steel. When using beryllium, operating temperature of devices is stabilized, accuracy of indications is raised and service life of measuring devices in extreme temperature conditions is increased.

Delivery terms:

  1. Assemblies are supplied in heat-treated condition.
  2. Surface of assemblies is protected by chemical passivating coating.

Technical characteristics:

Modulus of elasticity 290 GPa
Density 1850 kg/m3
Specific heat capacity 1800 J/kg ×К

Weight and dimensions of assemblies and details:

Flat details up to 500 × 500 mm
Tubular details:
diameter up to 150 mm;
length up to 1500 mm

Note: Heat exchangers and heat stabilisers of needed sizes are manufactured according to the customer’s drawings.

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