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High-modulus beryllium constructions

They are flat assemblies such as frames, platforms, high-precision tubular assemblies with end elements from aluminum or titanium alloys, as well as covers in the form of rotation bodies.

Thanks to high modulus of elasticity in combination with low density, beryllium has an excellent specific rigidity: E/ρ =163.5 MPa×m3/kg, that by 6.6 times greater than aluminum and titanium, and by 6.1 times greater, than steel.

This gives the following advantages:

  • Increase by 2 - 3 times the positioning accuracy of measuring and data devices mounted on platform type members;
  • Increase by 50 - 100 % the rigidity of tubular truss designs working in the conditions of static compression (stretching) or external pressure;
  • Decrease by 30 - 40 % the weight of designs.

Delivery terms:

    1. Designs are supplied in heat-treated condition.
    2. Surface of structures is protected by chemical passivating coating.

Physical and mechanical properties:

Density 1850 kg/m3
Modulus of elasticity 290 GPа
Specific heat capacity 1800 J/ (kg×К)
Thermal conductivity 159 W/ (m×К)

Weight and dimensions of assemblies and details:

Weight up to 30 kg
Flat details up to 1000 × 800 mm;
Tubular details:
diameter up to 150 mm;
length up to 1500 mm.

Note: Sophisticated designs are manufactured according to the customer’s drawings.

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