Research and production directions

Investment policy

JSC «Kompozit» carries out investment policy aimed at:

  • the execution of a set of functions of the head research organization in the field of material science in industry system of the Russian space Agency;
  • the implementation of complex contractual obligations in full compliance with the content and deadlines;
  • support financial sustainability, namely, maintaining a stable balance of payments;
  • ensure technological competitiveness by implementing a series of priority actions: the development of production lines for carbon-carbon, carbon-ceramic, TZP materials, completion of engineering and construction works 2-stage gas production, as well as the implementation of complex technological and environmental improvements in beryllium production;
  • the development of cooperation ties in the part of the research, development and small-scale production of materials;
  • ensuring environmental safety of production;
  • technical re-equipment, including a set of measures for the acquisition of new and renovation/modernization of existing core process, support and test equipment, repair of buildings and structures, commissioning, engineering support, creation of regulatory documents aimed at creating in our own complete production lines;
  • expansion of production capacity, technological equipment involved in the production process. It should be distinguished as a priority for implementation in production (in order of priority individually) R & d results obtained in the framework of the PCF in the revised and new editions.

The main source of growth in the volume of work performed Society remains qualitatively new level of participation: 

  • in the production programs of the backbone enterprises of the Russian space Agency;
  • in R & d and production programs of the aviation engine;
  • in the state innovative project of creating a nuclear propulsion system for space applications;
  • in the international project ITER;
  • in the new (announced by the Government of the Russian Federation, state corporations and public-private partnerships) target programmes and projects for the development of high-tech industries.

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