Research and production directions


In 1947 the materials science division was established on the base of the main laboratory of the plant №88. Its main goal was to solve problems concerning usage of materials in domestic rocketry. Later the division was reorganized into the materials science department of NII-88 (TsNIIMash).

In 1975 the General Engineering Ministry of the USSR was established an independent institute "Central research institute of the materials science" (TsNIIMash).

In 1987 TsNIIMV was reorganized into the scientific production association «Kompozit» (the public corporation since July 1993).

The scientific production association «Kompozit» included the plant «Orbita» in Syktyvkar and the Ural branch in Perm (the Ural research institute of composites since 1988).

The public corporation «Kompozit» made a significant preliminary work in the field of materials for space engineering, thier production and processing technologies. This concerns such space projects like «Salut», «Soyuz», «Proton», «Mir», «Energy-Buran», «Vega», «Fobos» and ISS.

Status of the JSC «Kompozit» as a leading materials science organization of the Federal Space Agency was confirmed by the Rosaviacosmos"s decree №75k of February 17, 2003.

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